Chaunce and Country?

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Okay, I know you’re thinking, “Dolly Parton? Linda Ronstadt? Emmylou who?” Before you condemn me to the fires of publishing hell, let me explain.

It’s just too easy these days to slap a model on the cover and write a headline that includes “Model/Actress.” The name really doesn’t matter. There are so many “actresses, actors, models and reality stars” that it has become a boring barrel of micro-celebrity nothingness. A sea of bore, if you will.

When I first started out as a celebrity journalist, the word “celebrity” actually meant that you had accomplished something so unique and entertaining that the world would never forget your name. A question asked was followed by an answer worth reading. Snooki’s and Kim’s of the world known as D listers while those born with an ability to perform on an extraordinary level were rightfully revered. A photo was a sidebar to the actual substance of the subject.

Sadly, those days are long gone.

So when I was recently offered the opportunity to chat with music legends Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris about the upcoming release of their newly remastered “The Complete Trio Collection,” something took hold of me that wouldn’t let go. How could I not put such universally beloved voices on the cover? When you think of what an icon is and how rare it is to actually get to speak to a person who made a positive contribution to the happiness of the world (in this case, for four decades), how do you walk away? The answer is… you don’t.

This month’s cover is a reminder that substance still matters – that talent still matters. There will be plenty of cover stories in the future that titillate the mind, but not this month. This month, I hope you can look past the weekly tabloid topics and appreciate what these three amazing artists have accomplished during their remarkable careers. The treasure of their music will live on forever.

This month Metropolis Nights honors talent…we hope you will as well.

Happy and safe July 4th!

Chaunce Hayden



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