Klever Jarama

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Blackjack Mulligan’s Chef Klever Jarama


1. What inspired you to become a chef?
Even though I was very young it was my only option at the time. My father was a great inspiration for me as well. It was very interesting for me to see how he managed his kitchen and to learn from him.

2. What types of food excite you the most when you are coming up with a new dish?
I love Italian cuisine, but I’m very creative as well. I like to try new ingredients and recipes and to see how customers react to them is very exciting. I like to give people a lot of variety.

3. Blackjack Mulligans is obviously an Irish restaurant. You don’t seem Irish to us. What’s your opinion of Irish cuisine?
To me all types are cuisine have the basics. They are all similar. Irish cuisine is comfort food. It’s easy to make and liked by majority. We all have some Irish inside of us.

4. Favorite Irish food?
Sheppard’s Pie.

5. What would you say is the signature dish at Blackjack Mulligans?
Irish Nachos and Tuesday Prime Rib Night.

6. What kind of Chef are you in the kitchen when it comes to your staff?
I lead my crew by example. I work with them and prepare them each and every day for success. The same way that I expect the best from them. I am also very fair and that makes me kitchen efficient. It is great for business to be able to have an organized and cooperative staff.

7. If you had to make one dish today, what would it be?
It would have to be something with fish!

8. Are you secretive over what you add to your ingredients?
Not at all. It is all about love and talent for what you do.

9. Do you watch the food reality shows when you’re home? Favorite?
Not anymore. Unfortunately they had become more of a show than what really happens in a real kitchen.

10. It’s time for dessert. What do you
Warm chocolate chip bread pudding with vanilla ice cream!



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