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does Wednesday night rock
Kick Mule!


Starting in May, each Wednesday, resident band Mule Kick will perform live shows at Transmission in Jersey City. Mule Kick consists of musicians Frank Ferrer (Guns N’ Roses), Rob Bailey (Steven Tyler), Rob Clores (The Black Crowes), Brett Bass (Bernie Worrell), Rob Bailey (David Johansen), Chevy Chevis (Adele and Beyonce) and Winston Roye (Soul Asylum). Indeed, the members of Mule Kick have played with just about everybody, and they still do!

We recently sat down with Rob Bailey to talk about rock and roll coming to Jersey City.

How do you think Jersey City will take to live rock and roll?

Mule Kick’s all star line-up is legendary. How do all of you guys get along?
Well, we’ve all played with legends, that’s for sure. We get along great. There are basically two qualifications you need to be in this band: be a great player and be a great hang!

You played with Steven Tyler.
My very good friend Russ Irwin, who played keys with Aerosmith, put out a great solo record entitled “Get Me Home” that I played some guitar on and that Steven sang on. Thanks to Russ, I was also on the short list to step in for Brad Whitford on tour with Aerosmith when he was injured in 2009. I didn’t get the gig, but I got to play and sing with my favorite band for a week in rehearsals. They were super gracious to me…it was a great experience.

Few rockers have managed to stay contemporary but, here you guys are. What’s the secret to musical longevity?
Stay disciplined and keep working on your craft – hopefully you remain inspired. Also, your relationships mean everything, so take good care of them.

I can only imagine you guys have some great stories to share. Who has the best?
This is far from a rock and roll tale of debauchery, but a great gig experience I had was playing with Billy Joel. I was working on his musical on Broadway and one night he showed up at the encore. He walked out on stage in old baggy shorts, a gray t-shirt and a khaki baseball hat, like he was fresh off his boat and he just stood there for what seemed like an eternity until people recognized him. Finally, the place exploded and we played “You May Be Right.” Killed it! Truly a rock and roll sneak attack and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crowd so happy and blown away.

How would you describe Mule Kick?
A high energy rock band with strong R&B inclinations that is about stretching out musically. Even though MK plays covers, we often do some major tweaks and reinventions to them. I don’t think our approach is too common these days, so I think we’ll be a breath of fresh air for a lot of folks who come to check us out. It’s important to note that even though we started as a “band”, we’ve developed into a collective. For instance, while Frank is on the G&R tour, we’ve got Franklin Vanderbilt from Lenny Kravitz on drums. We just added Chevy Chevis on vocals, who has sung with everyone from Adele to Beyonce, and we’ve got good friends rolling through town all the time on tour that are definitely going to sit in. We’ve had both Michael Devin from Whitesnake and Brian Tichy from The Dead Daisies sit in with us recently…so who knows who’s next? Actually I do know…but you’ll have to come on out and find out!

150 Bay St,
Jersey City, NJ 07302



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