Sex on Top of the world

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I don’t know how to start this story. It has several layers of sensuality and humor but at the same time remarkable disrespect, depending on how you view life and loss. After reading the following, you can decide for yourself how you feel about it.
I recently took a friend to the observatory on top of One World Trade Center to enjoy one of the most scenic views in the world and have a cocktail at the One Dine restaurant. This elegant bar and restaurant rests on top of the 101st floor mezzanine overlooking Manhattan and far beyond. Positioned on top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere (1,776 foot tall), the view and location are spiritual reminders of September 11th and what unimaginable horrors those trapped victims saw in their final moments. The vibe, while light and sociable, can’t escape that internal moment in time.

Which brings me to this month’s Naked Truth.
While sipping wine and chatting up the bartender, I couldn’t help but morph into the snoopy journalist that always seems to get an invite to the party. I remarked, “So I’m sure you’ve met a lot of interesting people up here.”

“Ohhhh yeah!” our mixologist replied.
Of course, my next question was “Like who?”
“Well, Bon Jovi was sitting right where you are sitting now only two weeks ago! He was awesome. He just sat at the bar with his wife and enjoyed the view and cocktails just like any other tourist.”
Interesting, but now I couldn’t resist.

“So who is the worst celebrity that has sat at the bar?”
Without pausing he replied, “That’s easy. My boss, Jerry Jones!”

For you non-sports fans, Jerry Jones owns the Dallas Cowboys and most of the free world, including the One Dine restaurant. “Yeah, I’m a big Giants fan, and when he comes here he’s pretty obnoxious. He invites all of the Dallas Cowboy players and it drives me crazy. I can’t stand serving them!”
But wait there’s more. Much more.

“What’s the most shocking thing you’ve ever seen up here?” I ask.
This loaded question could have gone in many directions, including horribly wrong; Al-Pacino-without-his-wig or even a hand-organ-collectors-convention horribly wrong. The answer was not what I expected, but here it is: it seems the One Dine restaurant has become a sex destination for tourists looking to add new meaning to the “Mile High Club.”

The unfiltered bartender didn’t hold back, “Dude, you wouldn’t believe what goes on up here! Every day we catch several couples going into the rest room to have sex and that’s just the ones we catch! Our security team is always tossing people out of the building for having sex in the stalls. I literally watch them have a few drinks then make a beeline for the bathroom. I’m sure that when it’s really busy some couples get away with it, but at the end of the night it’s much more obvious. We have to open the door and ask them to leave.”

Many mixed emotions here. Yeah, I get it, who doesn’t like sex, especially on top of the world? But come on people, it’s kind of like masturbating on a hero’s grave in my opinion… or maybe I’m just jealous?



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