My last interview with Big Ang

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You’ve become a pop icon of soughts. Could it be they were jealous of your fame .

and weren’t getting equal treatment and pay?
I don’t think that was the case. But I do know that I did grow very high. I think it’s about personal issues with themselves and VH 1.

Why do you think you’ve become
an icon? Why do people love you? (Yells) Maybe it’s my personality! People know I’m a good person. Even children love me. When a child loves you it’s because they see something in you and the kids know best. Kids adore me. I don’t know what it is. Everybody has loved me my whole life. Even before the show, people just loved me. It seems lately the entire world loves me, not just my neighborhood.
Mob Wives airs all over the world. So your fan base has truly gone global. Yes! I’ve had people come to the Drunken Monkey from Israel, Australia, Norway and London. All over the world I
There wouldn’t be a Mob Wives franchise without you. True or false? I’m not going to put my foot in my mouth! I just think a lot of people are infatuated with The Mob. People might act like they’re not interested, but they are. The Mob leaves a big impression on people. Everyone loves to read about it.
We’re talking about terrible crime and even murder.
Yeah, but we don’t do that. Our family did it. The cast isn’t like that We’re lovable.
Do you get any heat from mobsters who may not I ike the way you bring attention to a crime family?
They did, but not they are with me.
What’s your opinion of former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, who is credited for bringing down the mafia?
I don’t think much of him. I don’t like him. He should worry about other people. He should worry about the molesters and the terrorists. not the mob. Who ever the mob kills it’s amongst each other. That’s there thing. He should worry about people who kill innocent people. The mob only goes after the mob. He should focus on people trying to blow up the Empire State Building.

Do you
credit for
destroying the
Yes. He really did.
He definitely did. But than he retired because he was probably scared.
Are you saying he might have been bumped off?
I’m saying he was probably scared of getting whacked. However, he just couldn’t be touched. He was always surrounded by security. But they can kill a president; they should have been able to get to Giuliani. I can tell you he’s not well liked. He really did bring down the mob.
You make it no secret that you had some plastic surgery and that you want me. What else would you like to be altered?
Everyone always wants to give it to me for free! I could use a little lipo or something. A little body touch-up.
Your friend Renee Graziano nearly died after her plastic surgery went bad. Doesn’t that frighten you? Well it didn’t stop her because she went back for more. As for me, I haven’t had anything done since 2005. I’m way behind. I need touch-ups every ten years, so I might go back in 2015. I would really like to have my neck done and a little lipo. Nothing too crazy. Just here and there.
Since they’ll be filming season five in June, is there a chance we’ll get to see you in a bikini?
I hope not! I’ll show you a photo of me in a bikini and you can tell me what you think.
The Drunken Monkey didn’t work in Miami, why do you think you’ll succeed in Brooklyn?


Because I’m from Brooklyn. Now I live in Staten Island, but it’s only a hop and a skip away. Miami was totally out of my league. I’d rather be around my people. My fan base is in Brooklyn and Staten Island.
You have been open about going through menopause. Can you tell me what it’s like?
It’s terrible. It’s torture! You get shooting hot and cold pain from your feet up! It’s a terrible feeling.
Does it affect your sex life with your husband?
He say’s he’ll kill himself if I don’t give it up! I really can’t sleep; I’m either hot or cold. They say it can last 10 years! I’m always so hot. I don’t think I can take 10 years. I sleep at the foot of the bed naked. I want to jump out the window! I want to kill myself’ It’s complete torture. I hate it.
What’s the key to a happy and active sex life?
Drink Patron! It’s the only way my husband gets it.
Does size matter when it comes to sex?
Size definitely matters, but right now nothing matters to me. Little or big, I just don’t want it. But for the record, my husband is very well endowed.
Best Mob movie?
Did you know those guys?
I knew everyone of them. I knew all the people who were killed. Actually, I think Godfather is the best mob movie. Godfather II was better than Godfather I.
What’s next for you?
You never know what’s going to happen. They never prepare you. It comes as it comes.

Andrew Mayor

Andrew Mayor

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