Could I really screw myself skinny

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I’d like to touch base on something that I have currently been looking into, not only for my column, but for myself as well. I always wondered if I can really burn unwanted calories and fat by just having sex?  Could I really screw myself skinny!?!

This may be possible through what is referred to as sexercise. A physical exercise performed in preparation for sexual activity and designed to tone, build, and strengthen muscles. Sexercises are often performed as part of a sex diet lifestyle, which seeks to maximize the health benefits of regular sexual activity. While sexercises are usually performed with a partner, solitary masturbation might be considered a sexercise if done athletically for health and fitness. Exercise is known to improve and quicken the flow of oxygenated blood, in higher and consistent amounts, along with other beneficial chemical compounds, to the genitalia, which is important for fertility and important during intercourse.

According to WebMD, 30 minutes of sex can burn in the neighborhood of 85 to 100 calories. If you feel like you have a pretty vigorous sex life, you’re probably on the higher end of that statistic. That’s about 200-300 calories and hour give or take. Just think at the end of the night, you can work off that extra late night snack that you had!

Sex is  not only good for your mind, but great for your body too. By use of repetitive motion, you can strengthen pelvic muscles and core muscles throughout the body. More sex can also lead to less stress, which can lead to your body producing less cortisol and you could actually boost your metabolism this way.  So the next time you want to say know to your man or lady, take my advice and take one for the team and get in some sexercise.

There are 3 common positions we all know and love that can actually double as an exercise to help you burn calories, tone and loose fat all at the same time:

First is missionary position. You may think all the work in this position comes from the man on top, but if you trust back and help with the motion, it actually engages you core stomach muscle and can help with that stubborn belly fat. The second position is actually doggy style. Again, you may think the guy does all the work but depending where your hand and arm placement is makes all the difference. Put your arms in front and place the weight on your arms enough to engage your shoulders, biceps and forearms. This will help tone and firm your arms in a way you never thought possible. Last but not least is the cowgirl position. This is more of the obvious position that you may thing will give you a good work out because it will. As you are positioned on top, your legs will be holding you up in position and most of the time you can actually feel it working with a slight burn in your butt and thighs. This position will make your time in the bedroom worth it and sometimes you can see results in your legs almost immediately.

Although we all love this idea and it sounds to good to be true, it does work but you need to be consistent with it just like any workout regimen. So next time, instead of hitting the gym, hit the bedroom!!! This may not only take off some of those unwanted pounds, but it will lead to a happier and healthier love life for both you and your partner.



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Andrew Mayor

Andrew Mayor

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