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Being Single

Arguably, I consider myself to be somewhat current and extremely savvy in the dating scene. I don’t mean it the way most people would probably perceive that statement. Don’t get me wrong…I am a savage when it comes to men. My issue isn’t finding them or having a nice dinner planned for every night of

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This is my first column for Metropolis Nights and hopefully you, the reader, will enjoy it and I will be allowed to continue.   A little back story first. Though I had heard about and had read Chaunce’s columns for years, I had never had the pleasure of making his acquaintance. One day a mutual

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Why I don’t Steal

stly, my life is a rollercoaster of compulsory self-deprivation punctuated by short periods of unreasonable overindulgence. As a career bartender, I make a good living practicing a trade that requires lots of skill, but no formal education. I have no debt, and I pay my rent in cash. However, thereality of working for tips means that any minor miscalculation leaves me eating microwave ramen for days at a

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