10St. Patrick’s Day questions with Gail the bartender from Hoboken’s

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1. What makes Willie McBrides one of the most popular St Paddy’s Day destinations in New Jersey year after year?

Willie McBride’s has its own Irish vibe. Filled with live music, great bartenders and comfort food. A trip to Ireland happens here with a Guinness by your side.

2. Hoboken celebrates St Paddy’s Day two weeks early. What do you anticipate this year since the mayor has made it clear he has zero tolerance when it comes to crowd control?

Anticipate the same as last year. Large police presence as well as the “no tolerance” policy. Go out and have fun but always be aware actions have consequences.

3. Guinness is the trademark of Irish celebration. What would you tell to someone who will be having their first pint experience?

A Guinness is a solid beer. A stout glass of heaven. No its not low cal but yes its a treat we all should have.

4. Why does it take so long to pour a pint of Guinness?

Guinness is a stout , meaning thick beer. It takes longer for the bubbles to release. If you drink Guinness you will wait patiently.

5. Willie McBrides is famous for it’s free limo rides to the pub. How will that work during such a busy March?

Our limo is always ready for the busy season. Runs every Friday and Saturday weather permitting and some black out dates.

6. Does Willie McBride’s have a signature shot that goes well with Guinness?

A shot with Guinness? Well a good pair would be Jameson or a lovely shot of Tullamore Dew. If you like something less harsh a shot of Baileys would work perfectly.

7. This is a wee of an odd question but at the end of a long night of celebrating what are some of the odd things you’ve found on the floor over the years?

Oh boy, things I have found. Anything from an ipad to a shoe.

8. The country is so politically divided. Will there be a Trump side of the bar and a Anti-Trump side of the bar?

Don’t talk politics. Sorry!

9. It’s no surprise that Willie McBrides will be jam packed over the St Paddy holiday. That said will it be easy for a ginger to catch the bartender’s attention?

All our servers here at Willie’s are very attentive. Once a beer or drink is almost empty we will have something ready for you. We pride ourselves in exceptional and fast service. Our solid crowd reflects on our consistently good service.

10. Finally, what would you say to anyone who has never experienced St Paddy’s Day at Willie McBrides?

St. Patrick’s Day at Willie’s is an experience of its own. From corned beef and cabbage to our homemade sheppard’s pie. The traditional goodies here with the company of live Irish music with a Guinness by your side.

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