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MN sits down with Willie McBrides GM Jackie.

MN: I’ve heard of shuttle vans that bring people to a nightspot. But never a shuttle limo! How does one sign up?

Jackie: No need to sign up at all! Just call the Willie limo number 201-681-7550 after 9pm on Friday or Saturday night for your free pickup!!

How far can I live from Willie McBrides and still call for a free limo?

Our limo picks you up anywhere in Hoboken. We will pick you up at your apartment, Path station or Ferry!

What’s been the response so far?

Everyone loves a limo ride, especially when its FREE and takes you to one of the hottest spots in Hoboken.

Can you take the limo home after a long, fun night?

The limo runs from 9pm till 2am on the weekends, so you sure can get a ride home.

How often does the limo operate?

The Limo runs every Friday and Saturday night, just call 201-681-7550 after 9pm for your free ride!

Just to reconfirm… Is it really free?


There’s 15 of us… Can the limo handle it?

Sure can! Even if it takes a couple trips you and your friends will get to Willies in style.

Okay, there’s just me… I’m lazy. Will the limo pick me up?

Yes and maybe you will even meet new friends on your way!

Does what happens in the limo stay in the limo?

Thats up to you.

What would you say to anyone who has never been to Willie McBrides?

Willies has a littlle bit of everything for everyone! Its an authentic Irish Pub with a great beer selection, Pub food, all the sports action on our big screen TVs and the best cover bands in New Jersey! Come on in for a pint and see for yourself!

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