How would you describe working behind the bar
at Hearth and Tap?
It’s a home away from home. I might spend more time
there than at home. To really answer that I’ll put it
this way, most of my regulars will be at my wedding
this month.
2. Is there one signature cocktail that you would
The barrel aged cocktails are always a solid bet. One
of my favorites, that doesn’t get a lot of play is the
Finnegan’s Resurrection.
3. What’s the secret to being a great bartender?
Conviviality. Knowing what your guest needs before
they do. You’re throwing a party and you need to
keep everyone entertained. Anyone who is having a
good time will always come back. Being a home away
from home is the goal.
4. Favorite bartending story?
A true bartender never tells. Very similar to doctor
patient confidentiality.
5. What makes a dirty martini an amazing dirty
Gin. A true martini should be gin. After that, it is a
balance of the proper amount of dry vermouth and
olive brine.
6. Do you know all your customers by name?
I would like to think I know the majority of my bar
guests by name. Knowing their drink and having it
ready for them when they sit in their favorite seat just
puts that experience over the top.
7. What’s the wrong way to pour a pint of Guinness?
There are several ways but the one that truly gets me
is when a bartender just straight pours it. It should
be a two step process. A good Guinness is all about
patience and two pours.
8. Can you tell us about your craft beer selection?
We try to keep our selection to local breweries and
keep a wide range of beers on tap and bottle. There
is something for everyone to have at Hearth & Tap or
to take home in a growler.
9.What kind of personality does it take to be a great
You need to be the right kind of tough and kind. Make
people feel warm, welcome, and happy.
10. What would you say to anyone who has never
been to Hearth and Tap?
Octopus, flatbreads and cocktails. We have one of
the best octopus apps I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried
a few. The cocktails are simple but complex. They
truly round out our menu. Try our barrel aged cocktail

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