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The Ranchero Cantina is gearing up for the biggest Cinco De Mayo celebration this side of the Hudson River, and as one would expect, they’re doing it in style. During the day, this family-friendly restaurant is known for serving fresh Southwestern cuisine, mouthwatering barbeque, and having a large kids’ menu. Their menu, as well as their talented chef’s skills, is what makes the Ranchero a great restaurant for families, couples, business groups, and loners alike during the restaurant’s normal hours.
As soon as night falls, everything changes. By 9 PM, the Ranchero Cantina morphs into a live music venue with ample dancing space, an active bar, and one of the most electric atmospheres in Bergen County. For Cinco De Mayo, the Ranchero Cantina will be transforming into its live music venue a bit early. This way, kids can get a taste of the fun times to be had during the Ranchero Cantina’s late night parties and adults can get their groove on just a bit earlier than usual.
For Cinco De Mayo, the Ranchero Cantina will be bringing in two different local bands. Viva Valentino will be kicking off the night at 7 PM with a classic Latin vibe that’s just perfect for a lively Cinco celebration. Next up will be Pablo’s Mojo Magnifico, also known as the Mojo Collective, with their unique blend of blues and funk. If you have been looking to go out dancing, the Ranchero Cantina’s massive dance floor will definitely be worth checking out. After all, the place hasn’t been called Bergen County’s best live music venue without good reason


The Ranchero Cantina’s two fully stocked bars also will be kicking into high gear during Cinco De Mayo. Both the Cantina’s red and white sangria is made in-house with fresh fruits and use an authentic Spanish recipe, and both will be readily available throughout the night. Of course, the most traditional drink you can have on Cinco De Mayo is a margarita – and the Ranchero Cantina has that in droves, too. Partiers who want to partake in a traditional margarita will love their top shelf Texas Gold Margarita, while more adventurous drinkers will likely want to opt for their new sweet-but-spicy Jalapeno Margarita.
The restaurant’s Ranch Bar will also be hosting a number of different activities for people of all ages. During the earlier hours of the night, piñatas will be available for kids who want to get in on the Cinco De Mayo fun. The Ranch Bar also will have has dart boards, a pool table games, and TV’s turned into sports for adults who are looking to enjoy classic bar games. As one would expect from the Ranchero Cantina, there will be something there for everyone.
Cinco De Mayo is an inherently festive holiday, and for this upcoming Cinco De Mayo, there’s no better place to enjoy life than the at Ranchero Cantina. There’s going to be great food, refreshing drinks, entertainment galore, and some of the best people you’ll ever meet. Once you’ve experienced a celebration at the Ranchero Cantina, you won’t want to go anywhere else.Dance-Slide-440x320

214 Kinderkamack Rd, Emerson, NJ 07630
(201) 523-9250

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