Ryan’s best Burger


Ryan’s Pub in Dumont has a
secret weapon called…..
We sat down to talk with this awesome burger. Seriously….
no seriously.

We’ve seen a lot of hamburgers in our day, but not too many like you. What makes you so damn special?
Well, let’s face it, I’m “rare”. I’m not only “rare” in temperature, but I’m actually “rare” in type. You see my parents combined to make me, (and my siblings), specifically for enjoying at Ryan’sPublic House. I’m a “prime” example of what happens when the best beef embraces the “grind” and turns out a fine specimen such as myself.

Tell us something about yourself that nobody knows.
While I prefer to keep my private life private, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I may look pure bred but I’m really a mutt or a mix as some might say. It began when my pop’s “Chuck” met my mom “Flap” in a local pasture and they became inseparable. After years of “grinding” they thought it would be interesting to experiment a little so they added an old acquaintance of theirs, “Brisket” to their mix and instantly they could sense the flavor and texture that “Brisket” brought to their union. The three of them have been “grinding” ever since and I am their greatest accomplishment.

How do you get along with those fries? You seem pretty close.
Oh yeah we are tight. It seems like we have been hanging’ on the same plate forever and I feel naked without them. No matter where we go it’s always a package deal and as long as each of us is hot and steamy we always satisfy. Just an FYI, don’t call them “French”, as they names are “Pub”, unless you are of the female persuasion, then you may call them “Papas Fritas”.

So what goes on the inside of that bun of yours?
My buns? My buns are tight yet forgiving. They hold between them a serious amount of flavor, texture and juicy pleasure for all who devour them. You see, my brioche exterior hides the soft, juicy, warm meat that only a true lover of beef can appreciate. Today I spiced it up a little and invited some friends to join me in an orgy of flavor. “Irish Bacon” stopped in with his running buddy “Irish Cheddar” and they brought their lady friends, “Baby Arugula” and “Sunnyside Egg”, to slide between my buns and join the party in your mouth. The richness of my meat, combined with the crisp of Irish’s Bacon, the peppery bite of Baby A, that tang of Cheddar and the obey, gooey, dripping yolk from Sunnyside just won’t disappoint.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
I don’t know that I would change anything to tell you the truth. A lot of time and energy has gone into making me, and no sense messing with it now. Obviously I wish I didn’t feel so “Well done” sometimes but who am I to tell someone how to eat me? I am here to please and if that means spending a few extra minutes sweating on that hot, steamy, grill, just to satisfy someone else, well I will do just that, but please order me medium-rare, as I am at my most supple and savory when you do.

Ryan’s Pub is located at:
31 W Madison Ave
Dumont, NJ 07628

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