Morristown is a city known for its hip
bar life, as well as some of the best
food in New Jersey. Difficult as it may
be to keep a sterling reputation for
great food and drinks in this city may
be, Grasshopper off the Green has
managed to do so while also being
known as a true family pub. Amazingly enough, Grasshopper
off the Green is only one of four Grasshopper bars owned and
operated by Eddie Fitzpatrick and his family.
Grasshopper Off The Green is the kind of family-friendly
establishment where the staff know you by name, where patrons
are seen dancing and singing along to the local entertainment,
and where there’s a general feeling of belonging to the
community regardless of what day or time it is. The familycentric attitude is by no means a façade; the Grasshopper pubs
throughout the state have been family owned for decades, and
almost all the bartenders, who started the day Grasshopper
off the Green opened in 2005, are still there. Along with Eddie,
the Morristown location, which is right in the center of town, is
owned and operated by his son Brian and daughter in law Fiona.
By Ossiana Tepfenhart
A Quick History
Authenticity is something that the Grasshopper name has come
to exemplify, especially since the bar’s history was one that is tied
to being one of the first Irish pubs in the area. After arriving to
the US in 1956, Eddie Fitzpatrick quickly felt a need to bring the
Irish pub experience to New York City. After opening up The Harp
in the Bronx, he quickly expanded the number of bars he owned
to 5 in the New York City area.
It seemed like Eddie Fitzpatrick really did have a passion for the
bar business, and the need for a true Irish pub was something
that he was readily able to provide to the New York City area. All
five pubs were a smash hit, and after a brief hiatus in Ireland, he
quickly began to move the world of Irish fare into New Jersey.
By the early 80s, the first Grasshopper pub opened up in Cedar
Grove, and it set a great foundation with its success.
Knowing that it’s never good to rest on one’s laurels, Cedar
Grove was quickly followed by the Grasshopper Too in Wayne,
Grasshopper off the Green in Morristown and finally the
Grasshopper Irish Pub in Newfoundland, NJ. Though the
geographic locations may vary, the truth is that few Irish pub
chains offer as much consistency or as much familial friendliness

as the Grasshopper name does. The Fitzpatricks run all the

locations on a very personal and professional level. The staff they

hire often find themselves working there for years, and it doesn’t

take too long to realize that they quickly become unofficial

members of the Fitzpatrick family as well.

A Place To Meet

The number one objective that any Irish pub tries to accomplish

is to become a place where people can meet up. Grasshopper

off the Green has become the place where neighbors meet up

in Morristown on more than one occasion. Whether it’s because

of a catered family celebration or corporate event, the fact that

everyone seems to known your name, or that there’s literally

something for everyone there, locals always seem to gravitate

towards this pub regardless of the time.

It’s important to remember that Grasshopper off the Green

is more than just a restaurant. Once night falls, the already

bustling restaurant turns into a nightclub and lounge. They have

live entertainment 7 nights a week – from video DJs, karaoke,

acoustic bands and Irish music 2 Sundays a month.

Make St. Patrick’s Day Extra Irish

If you’re looking for a venue to celebrate St. Paddy’s season

in style, then Grasshopper off the Green is definitely the place

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