Jorge Martinez- Thatcher Mcghee’s

What inspired you to become
a chef?
I’m sure it was looking at my mother
and grandmother cook with such
passion and dedication; Knowing
that they only had the satisfaction
all at home, always helping in the kitchen, the aromas,
flavors, textures . They succeeded with so few ingredients
which brought me to feel the desire to learn more and
hopefully make it a career.
What types of food excite you the most when
you are coming up with a new dish?
I really like working with Fish; It’s something I picked up
while learning the culinary arts. I am always discussing
with our purveyors which different types of fish are
available and look forward to using my creativity and
research to create unique and tasty dishes.
Thatcher McGee’s is obviously an Irish restaurant.
You do not seem to us Irish. What’s your review
of Irish cuisine?
Obiously i’m not Irish, what I like about the Ireland kitchen
is that it is the traditional type and that each of the
dishes are made with really old traditional recipes. I was
amazed at the flavors that can be developed with having
such few spices available to them in those times.
Favorite Irish food?
Definitely the Chicken Pot Pie. No Matter what you’re in
the mood for, everyone loves a chicken pot pie. To me it’s
the ultimate comfort food which is what Irish cuisine is all
What would you say is the signature dish at
Thatcher McGee’s?
The Fish and Chips
Before we opened, I I went to Ireland for training with
Thatcher McGhee’s I found the most amazing Fish and
Chips at McDonagh’s in Galway City and the people there
were kind enough to share a couple of their recipes with
me. I spent ten weeks in Ireland working with Chef friends
of the owners and I am looking forward to going back for
a refresher course and trading more recipes and ideas
What kind of Chef are you in the kitchen when it
comes to your staff?
I am very respectful of others, I treat my kitchen staff like
they are like my family not Like I am their a boss. I seek to
be more of a leader and that helps all of them to succeed
each working day; but like any other chef, I do have a
temper when it seems like our restaurant standards are
not being met
If you had to make one dish today,
what would it be?
As I said above, I love working with fish. We create a
new fish special daily. If any of your readers have any
interesting fish recipes, I would be delighted to hear from
Are you secretive over what you add to your
No, actually a lot of the recipes we serve have been
passed down for generations by family, customers, and
other chefs and I would not want to break that irish
tradition; IF any of our readers are interested in knowing
more about our recipes, feel free to contact us
Do you watch reality shows the food when you’re
home? Favorite?
Sure, I think that all who are in the business of food, but
especially those who create dishes, like to watch cooking
shows, you can learn many things there and bring new
ideas and my favorite is Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives
How much corn beef and cabbage will you serve
on March 17?
It is our first year in this town but we project that we will
serve about 1,000 lbs

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